Hey Bloomer!

When cities grow, the need for holistic urban development becomes evident. If left to chance, newly developed areas will risk lack of identity and balance – and if neglected, existing urban areas can develop in a negative spiral. The new accommodation concept Bloom brightens life with new tastes, experiences and impressions. You live in a cooperative tenancy and are part of a larger context. An inclusive neighborhood where people help each other and learn from each other. A sustainable everyday life and future – socially, ecologically and economically. The Bloom brand makes room for spontaneity and togetherness. Each block has common areas where you and your neighbors can organize everything from yoga classes to cooking classes, book circles, concerts, exchange days and art openings. The farm's greenery invites cultivation. The common range of services is collected in an app where you can easily keep in touch, book yourself on various activities and exchange services with each other.


Creative Director: Martin Frostner
Designer: Martin Frostner
Photography: Anders Bobert
Client: NREP AB